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jot: Jot Down Values for Later

Reproducible work requires a record of where every statistic originated. When writing reports, some data is too big to load in the same environment and some statistics take a while to compute. This package offers a way to keep notes on statistics, simple functions, and small objects. Notepads can be locked to avoid accidental updates. Notepads keep track of who added the notes and when the notes were added. A simple text representation is used to allow for clear version histories.

Authors:Christopher T. Kenny [aut, cre]

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# Install jot in R:
install.packages('jot', repos = c('', ''))

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Help pageTopics
Get Current Userget_jot_user
Get System Time as Integerget_sys_time
Jot Down a Notejot write_jot
Erase a Notejot_erase
List out names of values in a jot notepadjot_list
Lock or Unlock a jot Notepadjot_lock jot_unlock
Create new jot Notepadjot_new jot_new_pad
Open and Close jot Notepadsjot_activate jot_active jot_close jot_current jot_deactivate jot_open
Read a jot notepadjot_read read_jot
Read in all values from a jot notepadjot_skim